I was born on 26 February, 1985 Leeuwarden,
the Netherlands. I've always been interested in
art and creating my own images. I felt I had to
turn my hobby into my work. In 2003 I went to
art academy Minerva in Groningen to study art.
Right now I'm in the fourth and final year.

At the moment I'm making pictures about myself,
my thoughts, my dreams and daydreams. I make
photographs, paintings, drawings, lithographs,
prints and montages. I use myself as a model,
I'm the main character of the 'inner' world, an
inner world I want to share with the 'outer' world.
More and more people escape from everyday life
by visiting ‘other worlds’ – think of all the big
fantasy game worlds in which you can be another
person for a couple of hours. I want to show that
your own inner world can be just as interesting if
not better as the fantasy worlds created by others.